Thomas O'Malley: Kade Hoilman
Duchess: Kaitlyn Zartman
Edgar: Jeremy Heidenfelder
Toulouse: Victor Kragten
Marie: Willa Briggs
Berlioz: John Koehler
Roquefort: Liza Patrick
Madame: Taylor Melson
General Napoleon: Charlotte Hubbard
Private Lafayette: Galen Fishbach-Waters
Vichy: Derek Heidenfelder
Soisse: Robert Koehler
Abigail: Alyssa Taylor
Amelia: Skyah Rule
Scat Cat: Jonathan Chandler
Wacky Cat: Eva Soto
Mad Cat: Nikoli Wiebe
Hep Cat: Sophia Kragten
Slick Cat: Caleb Garland
Ensemble: Laela Cash
                    Alexis Fox
                    Perry Kim
                    Ellie Murphy
                    Daisy Pred
                    Lilly Roberts
                    Eily Rule
                    Lydia Smith
                    Blake Thayler

What's a cat to do?  In Disney's The Aristocats KIDS, Madame's jealous butler Edgar cat-naps Duchess and her Aristokittens and abandons them in the Parisian countryside.  Luckily, Thomas O'Malley and his rag-tag bunch of alley cats come to their rescue!

Dates & Times

        Friday July 18th at 6:00pm
        Saturday July 19th at 6:00pm


Available at the door

Adults - $11.00
Members - $9.00
Students - $5.50

*ticket prices include NC state sales tax