Otto/Troodon/Baby Dinosaur: Willa Briggs
Tree/Baby Dinosaur: Hazel Bueno
Tree/Iguanodon: Odin Bueno
Tree/Susan: Laela Cash
Saplings/Larry: Sydney Edwards
Tree/Joan: Aspen Elliott
Tree/Protoceratops: Beckett Gall
Tree/Ankylosaurus: Elsa Hall
Tree/Baby Dinosaur/T-Rex: Leilani Hawk
Tree/Troodon: Derek Heidenfelder
Jack: Jeremy Heidenfelder
Stump/Terri: Charlotte Hubbard
Tree/Baby Dinosaur: Emma Hubbard
Tree/Baby Dinosaur: Miriam Hunt
Saplings/Gary: Lynlee Johnson
Tree/Troodon/Baby Dinosaur: Burdie Lopez
Tree/Troodon/Baby Dinosaur: Ellie Murphy
Panoplsaurus/Baby Dinosaur: Daisy Pred
Tree/Henry: David Sink
Tree/Toto: Kai'ana Stella
Tree/Natty: Celeste Trobaugh-Peters

What would you do if a tree house in your neighborhood could transport you anywhere you wanted to go? While exploring one afternoon, siblings Jack and Annie discover a tree house full of books. Jack looks through a book about dinosaurs and wishes he could see a real one. Suddenly the wind begins to blow and the tree house starts to spin wildly. When it finally stops, Jack and Annie open their eyes to find they have been transported back to the time of the dinosaurs. Join Jack and Annie on their adventure back in time to experience an amazing group of dinosaurs face to face.

Dates & Times

Friday November 7th, 6:00pm
Saturday November 8th, 6:00pm


Adults - $11.00

Parkway Playhouse Members - $9.00
Students 17 and under - $5.50

*Ticket prices include tax and will be available at the door.