They make everything up to make you laugh!

Parkway Playhouse’s teen improv comedy troupe, “Get The Hook”, features Levi Bradford, Aneka Happer, Olivia Hughes, Spencer Moore, Paloma Soto, & Hana Stella.

All Proceeds will benefit "Get the Hook" troupe members attending the 2016 NC Comedy Arts Festival!

In Vaudeville terms, Get the Hook means: To be such a bad performer that you were dragged offstage mid-performance by the stage manager, using a long hook like a shepherd's crook.


Friday November 13th at 7:30pm
Saturday November 14th at 7:30pm

Performances at the Nu Wray Inn 
102 Town Square, Burnsville

$5 tickets at door

The Nu Wray Inn will be serving food and drinks at the performance.